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Abaco is the recommended broker of the National Association of Private Ambulance Services (NAPAS), the group established to represent the interests of the Private Ambulance Service sector.

For over 20 years the National Association of Private Ambulance Services (NAPAS) and the British Ambulance Association (BAA) have undertaken a form of Self-Regulation on behalf of very many Independent Ambulance Operators within the United Kingdom & Eire.

Both organisations have the interests of their individual members at heart, but by being simply un-incorporated had itself become a burden in particular when seeking legal justice for member services, therefore it was decided that they would be best represented as an incorporated body, for the purposes of representing the interests of all the enterprises in the private sector of health transport, this could be better achieved through forming NAPAS (Professional) and it would be an instrument to serve and defend the common interests of its associates, as well as a meeting point among those enterprises of this sector, allowing them to share experiences and knowledge, and to represent the interests of its members within the European Association of Ambulances as a full and founder member.

NAPAS (professional) is a not for profit company (No 08004580) incorporated within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland.

Means of action incorporated within the General articles of Association.

  1. To work in all kinds of collaboration and co-operation among its members and the companies belonging to them
  2. To work in all kinds of collaboration and co-operation among its members and the companies belonging to them
  3. To perform and promote the qualification, training and professional improvement of all kinds, as well as the development and realisation marketing strategies for the members
  4. To represent the interests of its members in domestic, and European markets
  5. To represent, defend, and co-ordinate the general economic and professional rights and interests of the sector
  6. To work in collaboration with other professional and general associations in the interest of all members
  7. Helping the associated members through the setting of an information network
  8. To help in setting up of other regional and national associations
  9. Supporting the organisation of National and International meetings and conferences
  10. To implement a general policy to get resources
  11. To issue newsletters, magazines and books, using audiovisual media for information and training
  12. To perform and if applicable, co-operate in studies, jobs, reports and publication of all and each one of the aspects and problems of the activity, especially on costs, statistical fares, organisation and equipment, entrepreneurial training and improvement, knowledge of the market, economic-social opportunities, regulation for the access to the profession, and in general, anything contributing to the best development of the activity, solution of its problems and the achievement of its goals
  13. To support the research works directed by the sector
  14. To study and propose to the competent authority, and particularly those of the United Kingdom and Eire together with European Union, and legal measures considered adequate for the improvement and the best development and arrangements for the health transport, giving the necessary collaboration to the competent agencies
  15. To work with other European entrepreneurial Association and European Federations
  16. Issuing reports and expertises
  17. If applicable, to provide services for press, technical, legal and managing advice of all kinds, that may be of interest to members
  18. In general, any initiative helping the development of the sector
  19. Promulgation of a Code of Good Practice conducive with the Industry
  20. Any other action considered necessary or convenient to the purpose of the Association, or requested by the members, in both cases with the pertinent agreement of the competent authority of the entity.

 The association will admit as ordinary members independent/private/professional ambulance services with economical activities related to ambulance and health transportation, whom agree to work in accordance with the Associations published self-regulatory Code of Practice. These shall be:

Founder Members: the entrepreneurial members of the prior National Associations NAPAS & BAA that have subscribed to the incorporation of the association, and that have not ceased in their condition as members.

Adhered Members: those other entrepreneurial members that have since been admitted by the association

Observer Members: those that have applied to join the association

Honorary Members: the physical and juridical persons, either of a public or private character different of those above, to whom the association, in virtue of their professional trajectory, has distinguished with the category of honorary member;

These members will have the condition of associates, but will not have the right to vote, neither obligation to contribute to economical charges. Their task will be to perform a protective and counsel function of the association. These members will be entitled in the activities of the association and to attend the general assembly, though without the right to vote.