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Standard property insurance policies do not cover damage caused by terrorist attacks. While such events are rare in the UK, there is still a continual underlying threat.

If an act of terrorism affects your block and there is no insurance in place, the directors of a residential management company are exposed to the potential of being sued and losing personal assets.

If your property is located in a target area, such as near city centres, government buildings, major transport hubs, or famous buildings, terrorism insurance would provide you with peace of mind and the financial protection to put things right if the worst should happen

Other risks you may consider include:

  • Residents in a block of flats could be potential targets due to their place of employment or other factors
  • A bomb could be assembled or travel through your local area, leading to an unplanned explosion or evacuation
  • An occupying tenant could be a potential terrorist – there could be a police raid on the property or an accidental explosion