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Do you live in, or own a block of flats? If you are looking for insurance that will cover the flat or apartment building in which you live, you may need freeholder insurance.

Freeholder insurance is generally the correct option for a building that has been converted into flats – usually large houses, but sometimes office blocks, warehouses and barns are also turned into apartments. It is also a must for anyone responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of a leased building and the property surrounding it.

In some cases, the freehold of the property can be owned by one person who charges the owners of the flats ground rent or a service charge, or it can be distributed amongst the owners of each separate flat. Sometimes the owners hold equal shares of the freehold and other times they own different amounts, depending on various factors such as the size of each flat.

Abaco Insurance Brokers specialise in arranging block of flats insurance (also known as block insurance). This ranges from purpose-built large apartment blocks to houses that have been converted into flats. 

Predominantly, insurance is the join responsibility of either a group of residents, who form a Resident's Association and handle insurance themselves, or an external properrty management company appointed on their behalf.

Whether you are the owner, manager, resident or tenant living within the block of flats or apartment building, it is essential for you to have the correct level of cover in place to ensure the building is adequately insured. Regular buildings insurance is unlikely to provide the level of cover required to ensure you are sufficiently protected.

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