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Three Ways Brexit Affects the UK Cultural Industry

Brexit could change the nature of your TV and Film viewing habits forever

As the dust settles on the UK's decision to vote to leave the European Union, the Abaco Team reflect on how this momentous decision could affect life for those working in the media and entertainment industry - and how its consequences could potentially change the film, television and media landscape forever.


The British Film industry is currently booming, mainly through acting as an affective gateway into Europe for American film companies. At the moment we are a destination that attracts a large pool of leading professionals working throughout the media and entertainment industry, but without access to European shooting locations and the talent pool of writers, photographers and actors, the UK industry could suffer.


Currently, EU rules dictate that all licenced television channels broadcasting in Europe must fill at least 50% of their schedules with content that has been produced locally. This has contained the swarm of programs from English-speaking countries, mainly the United States, and limits the amount of content that can be bought in abroad and maintains a vibrant industry of producers, artists, actors and writers in the UK.
The UK government originally fought against this quota, making it unlikely it will be maintained in a post-EU world. Still, if it squeezes Chris Evans' Top Gear off the air then maybe it's not a bad thing.


Despite claims that the EU erodes the individual culture of each member state, the EU has strict rules on protecting and nurturing the culture of each member. Without this guaranteed protection, the UK arts are at risk of losing their protective status and respective funding. This may be matched by a future UK government, but museums, documentaries and music are all at risk.

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The Abaco Team