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10 Tips For a Safer Home

Keep your home safe this summer by following these simple tips

The summer period is a popular time for people to get away for a few days and enjoy the traditional summer holiday, but this also provides a perfect opportunity to breach the security of your home.

However, our years of expertise in dealing with claims have enabled us to complete a top ten list of tips to follow to keep your home secure during the summer break:

  1. Ensure all doors and windows are securely locked
  2. Always set your burglar alarm, if fitted
  3. Make sure any valuable items, such as laptops and jewellery, are hidden out of sight
  4. Ask family and friends to check in on your home at regular intervals throughout your holiday
  5. Notify trusted neighbours to keep an eye out on your property for suspicious activity
  6. Place a selection of lights on a timer switch
  7. Make sure shed and garage doors are securely closed and locked
  8. Keep ladders and heavy gardening equipment securely locked away
  9. Cancel any regular newspaper/milk deliveries that could display your absence
  10. Perform an unusual action when locking the front door, making it easier to remember if you locked the front door

The Abaco Team