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Business Interruption Insurance

You already protect your property, now protect your profits

In the event your business suffers a fire, flood or other incident that forces your company to temporarily cease trading, business interruption insurance is designed to cover your loss of trade while you get back on your feet.

Would I benefit from business interruption insurance?

  • Do you own or manage a business?
  • Would you potentially lose clients if you could not trade?
  • Do you have the cash reserves to temporarily shut down?

Frequently Asked Questions

What does business interruption insurance cover?

  • The operation of your business could be hampered by fire, flood or another unexpected devastating effect. Property insurance covers you against the damage caused to your building, but business interruption insurance covers the damage caused to your profits.
  • Temporary loss of revenue and costs incurred from any additional expenses needed to get your company running again are also convered by business interruption insurance.

What about equipment failure?

  • Yes, any losses incurred due to equipment malfunction or failure are also covered by business interruption insurance.

If you have any other questions regarding business interruption insurance or think your business is in need of this product, you may request a call back, or contact one of our advisors directly on 0116 281 5960.

The Abaco Team